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Topics in Social Justice and Social Welfare Policy includes multiple in-depth modules on social welfare history, poverty, aging, SNAP & WIC, the minimum wage & earned income tax credit, and the 2016 election. 

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Highlights of Social Welfare History

    • The Indefatigable Dorothea Dix

    • Explaining the "Exceptional" US Social Welfare System

    • The Bad Old Days: Life in the 19th & 20th Centuries

    • Riding on the Orphan Train

    • Hull House & The Settlement Home Movement

    • Saving Babies: The Early Years of The Children's Bureau

    • The Great Migration

    • Black Groundbreakers in Social Work

    • Conclusion: Living in History's Echo

    • References for Highlights in Social Welfare History

  • 2

    Poverty: America's Enduring Disgrace

    • Introduction to Poverty

    • Poverty Measures & Basic Needs

    • Poverty Myths: Exposed

    • More Than a Statistic: The Pain of Poverty

    • You Be The Judge: A Basic Budget Exercise

    • Poverty in Comparative Perspective

    • Face to Face: Interview with Anti-Poverty Expert Dr. Mark Rank

    • Fighting Poverty: Programs That Work

    • The PULSE Survey & Poverty in the Pandemic

    • The CARES Act and Poverty Early in the Covid-19 Pandemic

    • References for Poverty: America's Enduring Disgrace

  • 3

    The African American Experience in the US: Progress with Durable Inequalities

    • Significant People & Events in African American History: 1600s-1700s

    • Significant People & Events in African American History: 1800s

    • Significant People & Events in African American History: 1900s

    • Significant People & Events in African American History: 2000s

    • George Floyd: One Year Later

    • What is Anti-Racist Practice?

    • Arguing Reparations

    • Black Progress Over the Last 50 Years

    • Recommended Books: African American Women in the Freedom Struggle

  • 4

    Hunger, Snap & WIC

    • SNAP: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

    • Hunger & Food Insecurity

    • Living on SNAP: The 'Food Stamps' Experiment

    • Something WIC This Way Comes

    • WIC Essentials

    • Strengths and Weaknesses of WIC

    • SNAP History and Development

    • SNAP: The Big Picture

    • SNAP for Social Work Practice

    • Covid, Hunger and SNAP

    • Closing Thoughts

    • References for Hunger, SNAP & WIC

  • 5

    Health Care History, Policies & Programs

    • Health Care in America: Timeline

    • Medicaid by the Numbers

    • Drawing the Line: The Opioid Epidemic in America

    • Liar, Liar Meets ACA Repeal

    • Disparities in African American Health & Well-Being

    • Interactives: Disparities in African American Health & Well-Being

    • The Opioid Epidemic in the Covid Pandemic

    • Health Care Glossary

    • Flashcards: Simple Terms

    • Flashcards: Abbreviations

  • 6

    Living in an Aging Society

    • Aging in America

    • Aging By the Numbers

    • Positive Implications of an Aging Society

    • Two Marches

    • Covid and Social Security

  • 7

    Pandemic Realities: Past, Present and Future

    • A Plague Upon Us

    • Covid-19 Timeline

    • Relief Policies During the Coronavirus Epidemic

    • The Striking Success of Covid Vaccines in the U.S.

  • 8

    The Minimum Wage & The Earned Income Tax Credit

    • Frances Perkins: Unsung Heroine of the Minimum Wage

    • Minimum Wage Timeline

    • The Best of Times: The Minimum Wage in the 60s

    • Rates Across the Nation: 2021

    • The EITC: Anti-Poverty Rock Star

    • How the EITC Works

    • A Tale of Two Popular Programs

    • References for The MW & The EITC

  • 9

    Trends in Criminal Justice and Policy

    • Current Trends & The Coronavirus Epidemic

    • Importance of Prison Arts & Education Programs

    • Introduction to AN INSURRECTION

    • An Insurrection

    • Impact of Incarceration on Children & Families

    • George Floyd: One Year Later

    • U.S. Prisons & Private Profit

    • Prison Profiteering

  • 10

    Housing and Human Rights

    • Human Rights & Housing

    • Video: A Short History of Public Housing in the US

    • Housing & Eviction During the Pandemic

    • Federal Housing Choice Vouchers

    • Heat & Housing

  • 11

    Voting & Electoral Politics

    • Introduction to Election 2016

    • The Electoral College: Great Idea or Garbage?

    • The Latino Vote: Sleeping Giant of American Politics?

    • Face to Face: Understanding the 2016 Election

    • 2018 Midterm Election By The Numbers

    • The National Popular Vote Initiative

    • Pachanga for Trump!

    • Conclusion: Becoming a Political Actor

    • References for Voting & Electoral Politics